Laptop comparison: Dell Latitude E6530 and E6520

Since writing this article, Notebookcheck has published a review of the Dell Latitude E6530.


Besides better performance, the Dell Latitude E6530 features several small improvements over its E6520 predecessor without changing what has already been good – with the exception of an inferior display.


The Dell Latitude E6520 received much praise in two excellent Notebookcheck reviews:

My configuration of the E6520 is nearly identical to the above entry level configuration but equipped with the much better Full HD display. After using the E6520 for about 1.5 years, I think the Notebookcheck reviews are very accurate, yet they unsurprisingly lack what can only be known after using the machine for a long period of time.

As the E6530 is an incremental update rather than a complete redesign, much of what has been said about the E6520 holds true for the E6530. Therefore this comparison will focus on the differences of the E6530 towards what has been stated in the reviews of the E6520 and on my experiences with both.

Anything that can be concluded by reading the E6530 specs will not be covered. (Yes, it is faster.)


The good

The neutral

The same

The slightly bad

The bad

The ugly

The unknown


Without the terrible display, the E6530 would be a worthy successor to the E6520 and, again, a great office laptop. With the terrible display, it is a no-go for anyone who values a good image but does not want to exchange the display.