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Site content


  • Websites for clients – Web design, web development, logo design, content creation and editor training.
  • Personal identity – Personal identity used for personal and business purposes consisting of a monogram logo, a pattern based upon it and a business card.
  • redigester – The best content of reddit and Hacker News in the least amount of time.
  • Color schemes – High-contrast terminal color schemes.
  • Arch Linux – My packages in the Arch User Repository.
  • FlexFlexGrid – CSS grids using flexbox.
  • HumanamuH – HumanamuH is a website (currently offline) where humans meet. HumanamuH predicts which people will enrich your life and lets you meet them.
  • Humidity calculator – Calculate air’s relative humidity after changing its temperature.
  • SBSI calculator – Calculates your Surface-Based Body Shape Index (SBSI).

Mac software

  • BatteryLevel – Dashboard widget that shows battery levels of wireless Apple input devices.
  • OTRDecoderX – Decodes recordings from OnlineTVRecorder.
  • SafeSleepOnce – Puts your Mac into safe sleep.


  • Articles – About computers and computing.
  • Apflog – Topics related to the Mac (German).