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OTRDecoderX decodes recordings from OnlineTVRecorder.

OTRDecoderX cannot be opened

If OTRDecoderX cannot be opened, right click the application and select “Open”. macOS shows a warning because I am not paying Apple to be a verified developer (more information).

„OTRDecoderX is not optimized for your Mac”

OTRDecoderX embeds the official decoder by OnlineTVRecorder. As this decoder cannot run under macOS Catalina 10.15, OTRDecoderX cannot decode any files. OnlineTVRecorder plans to solve this issue in January 2020.

OnlineTVRecorder suggests a temporary solution using Wine (German instructions only).

Screenshot of OTRDecoderX


macOS Sierra (10.12) and macOS High Sierra (10.13)

If OTRDecoderX does not launch and an error message is shown:

  1. Put OTRDecoderX into the Applications folder.
  2. Launch Terminal (e.g. using Spotlight).
  3. Copy the following command and paste it into Terminal: xattr -dr /Applications/
  4. Confirm the command by pressing Enter.
  5. OTRDecoderX should now launch without errors.

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Please contact me by email and mention which versions of OTRDecoderX and macOS you are using.

Before you write

  1. Note that recordings larger than 4 GB have to be decoded without verification.
  2. Check for current OnlineTVRecorder issues.


  1. Launch OTRDecoderX and open its preferences. Enter the email address and the password that you use to login at OnlineTVRecorder.
  2. Record a broadcast at OnlineTVRecorder and download the recording as an otrkey file afterwards.
  3. Before watching, the otrkey file must be decoded. That is, OTRDecoderX must convert it to a movie file (avi). There are three possible ways to achieve this:
    • Double clicking the otrkey file will open it with OTRDecoderX. Decoding will start instantly.
    • Drag and drop the otrkey file onto OTRDecoderX. For convenience, OTRDecoderX can be added to the dock.
    • Using the menu item “Open” in OTRDecoderX to choose the otrkey file.
  4. After the decoding process successfully ended, you will find an avi file in the folder of the decoded otrkey file. This file can be watched for example using VLC or IINA .

In case of an error, OTRDecoderX will play a sound and display a notification. The detailed error message can be found in the error log and should always be included when asking for help.


The changelog shows the changes made to BatteryLevel in each version.

Source Code

Please contact me to receive the current source code (AppleScript) as an Xcode project.

Thank You

Tobias Hildebrandt created the OTRDecoderX icon.