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2012-12-06 22:15

Flaws of the Nexus 4

While using the Nexus 4 for the last two weeks, I have noticed some minor flaws. Some of them I have not seen mentioned in reviews or anywhere else, so here they are:

  • The AC adapter is very noisy if it is connected to the power outlet while the Nexus is not connected or while the fully charged Nexus is connected.
  • The hardware buttons, especially the small power button, can be difficult to grasp. It is nice that they do not raise much above the phone’s frame, yet without raising the buttons, a roughened button surface could facilitate grasping them.
  • The hardware buttons have very short strokes. Combined with a barely prominent clicking point, it can be confusing whether a button was actually pressed or not.
  • The volume button is a bit loose. Shaking the device therefore makes a quiet rattling sound.
  • The power button creaks a little bit when being pressed.
  • The speaker is placed on the back. It is either heavily muted while the phone is lying on its back or you have to place some object underneath the phone to give the speaker some room. Alternatively, the phone can be laid down on the front glass which I would rather not do.
  • The default notification light interval is very long, therefore it is easy to overlook. The default color is white and cannot be changed in the settings. To change the interval, color and triggers try Light Flow. While Light Flow requests several critical permissions, it does not request internet access.
  • The automatic display brightness is, for my taste, too dark in bright environments and too bright in dark environments. Even in complete darkness, it will not dim to the minimum brightness. Luckily, Custom Auto Brightness allows adjusting the brightness curve to make the display darker in darkness and brighter in brightness.

I am pleased that these minor flaws are the only flaws I have noticed so far.